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Why Invest in Koh Phangan

5 Nov

Why Koh Phangan you may ask?  Here’s why:

  • The world economic crisis has some westerners longing to live a more simple life where their money goes further and their quality of life increases
  • As infrastructure improves – with better schools, roads and hospitals – people are becoming more confident in what this island has to offer
  • The price of property is in most cases less than 30% of the price elsewhere in the region and the island boasts a smaller population, less traffic and fewer commercial buildings crowding the area.

SAGE Land and House:


Green Phangan

3 Nov

Welcome to Island Paradise!

Koh Phangan is made up of over 70% Coconut forests with vibrant reefs along the beautiful beaches and coasts.

The Island has maintained its natural beauty through conservation and recycling efforts.  Island living requires more respect and care for the local environment due to its fragile ecosystem. In order to maintain the paradise found here on Koh Phangan, we must act together to conserve, recycle, and keep the island clean.

“Take only memories and souvenirs with you.  Leave only your footprints behind”.

DISCARD rubbish in the bins provided around the island.  Rubbish can be blown into the sea and cover the coral reef causing irreparable damage to the reef and other marine life.

DO NOT throw cigarette butts on the ground or into the sea.  Over 4.5 trillion cigarettes are littered worldwide each year. Cigarette butts take over 15 years to decompose. They release pollutants into the earth and cause harm and death to local marine life.

RECYCLE plastic, glass, and aluminum.  Plastic can take up to 400 years to decompose and an aluminum can take up to 200 to 500 years to decompose.  Plastic bags and other plastic rubbish thrown into the ocean kill as many as 1,000,000 sea creatures every year.

Turn off fans, lights, and AC before you leave your bungalow.

When snorkeling or diving, DO NOT TOUCH the reef or harass the local marine life. DO NOT take shells or coral from the beaches or sea, they are integral part of the marine life cycle. We are only guests in this world so take only photos and leave only bubbles.

Reduce your consumption of disposable containers.  A Styrofoam container takes over 1 million years to decompose.

Be cool, save the planet for our children.

One planet, one world.  Respect the local environment wherever your travels take you.

For more information on how you can help keep Koh Phangan green and clean, take a look on the Facebook page “Green Cross Beach Clean