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Haad Salad Beach Koh Phangan

28 Feb

For those visitors to the island of Koh Phangan, one of the best overall beaches is Haad Salad beach, located on the northwest corner of the island. Over the past few years local resort owners have made a lot of improvements not only to their own individual resorts but the access and services that are associated with this area. Haad Salad beach sits in a secluded bay with blossoming flowers and trees overlooking the ocean. Many people who visit this area agree that it has everything you need for a relaxing peaceful holiday.

Accommodation in Haad Salad also offers a wide range of choices from the more deluxe pool side suite featuring private Jacuzzi’s, huge balconies and wireless internet connections; to the simple huts with only a fan and a cold water shower. With the move to incorporate more high end accommodation the service and hospitality levels have also risen to a higher standard making it easier to visit and stay with younger children as well.

Tourists looking for activities in Haad Salad will find that kayaking, fishing and hiking around the hillside exploring the area is a great way to spend the day. Also its location and easy access to other areas in the north of the island will allow for short excursions to other locations for shopping and sight seeing.

For night time entertainment and dining two there are bars and restaurants dotted along the beach, and also many seafood BBQs are on offer.

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