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Plans for a third airport in Suratthani

11 Jul

Plans for a new international airport in Suratthani are underway.  A study to prove the benefits to the local community and economy is being undertaken as well as environmental impact assessment studies.

Indications show that the new airport would be built in Donsak, where ferry piers with direct links to Koh Samui and Koh Phangan are located.

If approved, it would be the third airport in the province with Suratthani and Koh Samui already having international airports.

The airport would give greater access to the local region and tourist island destinations.

Ref:  The Nation, July 11 2012,


Things to do in Koh Phangan

3 Jul

Wat Pho – herbal sauna

You can relax and enjoy the many benefits of a traditional herbal steam sauna at Wat Pho. Lemongrass is added to a boiler, which is heated by a log wood fire to create the herbal steam that is fed into the sauna.

If you feel like doing something good for yourself then a visit is highly recommended. Herbal sauna has many health benefits not limited to reducing high cholesterol levels to the treatment of skins diseases such as eczema.

Laem Son Lake

Laem Son Lake is a popular place for both local Farangs and Thais. During the hot season many people flock to the lake to cool down and relax under the shady trees. It’s recommended that you don’t go swimming or diving in this old mining lake.

The Chinese Temple

Located on the road heading north from Thong Sala to Chaloklum stands the Chinese temple. This temple was created because of a dream of one woman. 15 years ago Ms Malawan came to the Sangthom temple on Koh Phangan form Bangkok. The purpose of her visit was to partake in the ceremony of presenting the robes to the priests.

The story goes; while Ms Malawan was dreaming Buddha spoke to her and asked her to build a firelight for the people. When she awoke she began planning and working on the temple. Today the temple is considered a place of luck.

There are three main festivals held during January, May and August.

Domsila Viewpoint

The viewpoint is located on the trail to Phaeng Waterfall to Dom Sila. The trail begins at Phaeng Noi waterfall and continues along the small streams of water. One of the most beautiful areas is Tan Gluai, where there are lots of orchids and where other jungle wildlife is plentiful. This combination of exotic plants and a spectacular view make it worth the trip. Once at the top you will be able to see views of the island and for the more romantic types a wonderful sunset. Although staying for the sunset also means walking the jungle in the dark, so bring a flashlight (torch). The trail is about 1.5 km and takes about 1 hour to walk.

Than Prapat Waterfall

This waterfall was named by the great King Chulalongkorn on one of his many visits to Koh Phangan. During the rainy season it has quite a bit of water, otherwise is quite small with only a few spots to dip into.

Water sports

Like all tropical islands Koh Phangan is also a fantastic place to participate in a variety of watersports the most prominent amongst them being scuba diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking, sailing, wake boarding and kite surfing.

Scuba diving in Ko Phangan is not only fun but extremely convenient as well. Since Koh Phangan is situated between Koh Tao and Samui, Phangan has easy access to all of the prime dive sites such as Anthong National Marine Park and the popular Sail Rock.