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Living the dream…

3 Sep

The world is your oyster!  How about you… living the dream?

What if you took the leap?

Stay with me for just a moment and visualize the dream, where you live, even part-time (3 months of the year) on a beautiful tropical island… How do you feel, and what do you see? Get away from the crowds, get under some palm trees, toes in the sand and lie down where you can hear the waves lapping on the beach, drink in hand. Getting the picture?

“The Eagles” sing a song that says, and I’m paraphrasing here, the key to your dreams is in your back pocket. The key is there all the time and all you have to do is use it. Sound appealing?

These are exciting times, not only for you, but for all of us, on the largest scale. Stop for a moment, think about where we are in the history of human evolution. We’ve moved from the hunting and gathering, to the farm age, to industry age and now on to the technology age.

An age where more than ever before, more people are living outside their home countries and living in places where the weather is warm and life is good. And why wouldn’t they? Transportation, communication and health care have all benefited from technological advancements over the past few decades.

Transportation – allows us to fly anywhere in the world in less time than it takes to have a good nights rest. Jump on a plane and you can make it from London to Bangkok in no time flat. Generations ago this lifestyle would have been unheard of. Now more and more people are taking a chance and living the dream.

Communication – it is amazing to see real time computers showing images and voice from around the world. Koh Phangan has wireless Internet around the island. That means with your laptop you can communicate with your friends back home all from your terrace of your beach hut.

Health care – everyday health care is getting better around the world, people are living longer and healthier lives. They say that an “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Phangan’s health services have come a long way in the last few years, with high quality services provided by the Samui Bangkok Clinic in Bantai.

Property – build or buy a home on the island. When you are back home, have a local and reputed property company take care of your investment. Faster than you know it, your rental will have returns on investment money far greater than your initial buy in. This is the right place at the right time. Look and ask around, next time you come the window of opportunity will have past.

Interested in checking the dream, but have more questions? Ask the experts…

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