8 Things That make Luxury Travel in Thailand Unique

27 Aug

Below are just some of the top reasons why people from all over the world are looking to Koh Phangan, not just for a short holiday stay but also to purchase/lease land, build a house, or run a business!

1.    A NATION OF ISLANDS: So many different islands with their own special features all within a day’s travel of one another make for an exciting adventure and endless possibilities.
2.    A LOVE AFFAIR WITH WATER: Beaches of dreamlike caliber line the coasts and offer endless water related activities.
3.    ENJOYING THE VIEW FROM INFINITY: The infinity pools that you find in the pages of luxury estate magazines? They’re everywhere and just waiting for you to jump in and enjoy the view.
4.    THE WHOLE FAMILY IS WELCOME: The Thai islands are safe and full of amazing activities for any type of traveler or expat—whether it be the bachelor, the honeymooners, or the Brady Bunch—they’re sure to have the time of their lives.
5.    WORLD CLASS CUISINE: If you haven’t tried Thai food yet, you are definitely missing out! Thai cuisine is often perfectly composed of sweet, sour, hot and salty flavors, which make is so irresistible! If you would rather eat a more familiar western dish, worry not– there are plenty of restaurants serving western food as well.
6.    A LAND OF SMILES: The Thai people tend to be very friendly and usually greet you with a warm smile. You’ll find this positive energy very contagious and see a smile on the faces of those traveling with you and when you look in the mirror, the good ole’ vitamin D from all of the sunshine you’ll be getting won’t hurt your mood either!
7.    PAMPERING THAT’S ALL ABOUT YOU: Facials, massages, manicures, if you can dream it you can probably get it. Being pampered in Thailand doesn’t have to be a ‘once-in-a-blue-moon’ treat. It’s so affordable you can treat your self pretty much as often as the craving arises.
8.    IT’S MEANT FOR YOU: Thailand is friendly on the pocketbook. As in most Asian countries, the cost of living is much lower than in western countries. A family could easily spend a luxurious vacation in Koh Phangan that they couldn’t even dream of affording in the likes of Europe, the USA or Australia for example.


Reference:  http://www.samujana.com/blog/8-things-make-luxury-travel-thailand-unique


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