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How to buy successfully in Thailand?

22 Jun

There are many tales of bad fortune from people who have bought property here in Thailand and things didn’t go quite according to plan. There are also many success stories. Want to make sure your story is a success? Follow our “Tip of the Week” series to find out some of the most common mistakes made when looking for properties here in Thailand!

Tip # 1 – Conduct Due Diligence

Why is it a mistake not to do this? Finding out later that you don’t have road access to your property for one!

There are many other reasons why due diligence checks are a vital component in any property search. To find out more about this subject, contact SAGE!


What can Koh Phangan offer that other areas of Thailand can’t?

18 Jun

Koh Phangan has a unique lifestyle and appeal to it. Unlike many other places in Thailand, it has a very relaxed and slow paced atmosphere. There is a feeling of no rush and there is limited traffic. There are a huge range of outdoor activities on the island – snorkeling, hiking, sport, windsurfing, jetskis, diving, just to name a few. And with such a diverse mix of cultures already on the island there is a wide range of choices in restaurants and types of food available to people on the island.


As an island, Koh Phangan is slowly growing, so there are improvements in development and infrastructure occurring all the time. This means a bright future for the island with a lot of thought going into planning the way the island is heading and how it will look into the future.


A stand out feature of Koh Phangan is its ‘green’ appeal and many new residential developments on the island are incorporating eco-friendly features in their building designs. We have seen a steady increase in the number of people now looking to incorporate these features into the design of both homes and investment properties and this looks like a way forward for Koh Phangan.